November 3, 2019 was a historical day in the Moose Fraternity. The first ever Town Hall was held to present a proposal for the new One Moose. Moose International organized a committee to investigate the possibility of how to save and merge the LOOM and WOTM. The committee is made up of Scott Hart, Barb MacPherson, Rodney Hammond, Kim Petit, Mark Pentzcover, Judy Davis, Daniele Bail, Robert Neff, Mike Rios, Mike Luer, Eric Vonhoff and Brian Toseki. The committee was organized in 2017 and has worked hard - meeting several times to try to work out a solution to the questions, concerns and basic verbiage needed to become one moose. Surveys, research questions and responses were all taken into consideration. All of this culminated in a day of open dialogue. 

There are The PowerPoint presentations and transcripts will be available on the Moose International Website for our members by November 13th, 2019.The videos are still being put together but should be available on our youtube channel by November 15th.

We ask that you take the time to review all of the information provided for you. Once you have studied it and and have a better understanding, we ask that you take the One Moose Straw Poll on the the Moose International Website.Your opinions will help in the process of unifying our fraternity into a more solid, stronger and more influential voice. It is a very exciting time to be a Moose!